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Customer Login in lic

Customer Login in lic

Customer login is available for the people who wants the policy they should login to the Lic of India official web new customer login registration is compulsory LIC’s e-Services Lic customer login portal easily interact with the company.and Corporate Portal login, Pay Premium Online easily.

Lic Customer portal is the New portal launched by the corporation to provide you with a few clicks. Now there is no need to rush to your nearest lic Branch Office checking the payment history, and policy loan eligible amount one can log in with their LIC India Login credentials and check the premium dues sitting right on your couch All you need for this is a PC and an internet connection Go through the below sections to know more about LIC Merchant Login and LIC Customer Login process.


            Lic login online
            Lic login portal
            Lic New user login process
            Lic Customer Login for Registered Users
            Lic Online Login Forgot Password and User ID?


Lic login online


More the population in India is having any one of Lic policies.

The Corporation is also finding different ways so as to provide the best service to its Customers and policyholders. Since  LIC of India is also introducing different methods for their customers towards the technological advancement. The LIC Login helps you to check the Lic policy Loan,and status . The insured can also pay the premiums through online by using the Lic of India Customer Login. Without  Login  whith login the Online Payment. For Lic Online Payment Login, the policyholder has to visit the official website www

So many policyholders  preper to do anything through online. This saves time and money. So  everyone is choosing this option to complete their work quickly. Lic India has decided to provide more services to their policyholders so as to make it useful for them. Keeping all these in mind, Life Insurance Corporation of India has provided you with the Lic Login Portal updated Recently.


Many of the Lic customers are choosing Lic Portal Login or Lic User Login to pay premiums or to check policy status. Through this Lic India Login Page, any Lic Customers or Lic Agent or Lic Development Officer can Login to LIC portal. the customers are feeling secure as it is making the work faster. Also, the Lic India offer various e-services to their valuable customers at free of charge. The customers who have a policy on his/her life or the life of his/ her minor children can avail these e-Services.

Why Use Online Service?

Life insurance of India  online portal is a helpful initiative by the lic that provide you with on demand service within a few clicks. Now you can have access to many such services online for which you visit branch office earlier. With the same services you don’t have to visit the branch office or stand in the long queues to get your work done.

you will get several additional benefits and updates about the company and policies as well. But for it, you have to first register yourself for Lic’s online portal. Registration of online portal is mandatory when you want to have access over the online services. Customers who avail the online portal from LIC can make the most of the following online facilities:

Online payment                                                                              Complaint registration

Assignment and nominee status                                                   Proposal and policy images

Claim status                                                                                  Benefit illustration

Policy status                                                                                  Loan status

Revival quotations                                                                         Policy conditions and other features


Lic  of  India Login Portal


The Lic Login page is same for all

Lic policyholders

Lic Agents,

Lic Development Officer

There will be no such portals like

Online Services on the left saide of the buttuns on lic site

Online loan , customer portal , pay premium online , pension and group schemes , merchant portal , agents/dev. Officers/ bill pay enquiry

Life Insurance Corporation of India Login is for registered users. If you are a New user, please follow the below steps. These Lic Login New User steps will guide you on how to register with LIC website and avail the services offered.


Lic New User Login Process

Visit the official website

At the left side of the homepage, the user will find the below block showing “online services ” icon.

Click on Customer portal. Then the below page will be displayed.

Click on New User lic customer registered user page shown below.

Enter Policy Number, Installment Premium,

dob (Date of Birth)

and Email ID.


Cell no .

Aadhaar Number



Fill the details with accurate information.

All fields showing * are mandatory.

Finally, click on “Proceed” to get registered for Lic India Online Login.

Lic Login New User registration process has completed.

After completion of Lic Online registration process, the insured can login with their User Name and Password.


Lic Customer Login for Registered Users


In the Lic’s e-services page

click on Registered User.

Customers can login with this link.

After clicking the registered user button, you will be directed to Lic Online Login page as shown below.


There you can Login within few seconds just by giving your Username and Password.

Now you can access the LIC’ e-services by clicking the Sign In.

These are the Lic Customer Login steps for registered users. Once you have registered with the Lic of India, you can login to the portal and avail several services offered by the corporation.

Online payment



Premium calendar

Policy schedule

Policy Status

Add new policies

Claim status

Loan status

Policy premium paid statement

Revival quotation

Individual pension policy  etc..


Lic of India Login Forgot User Password and user Id?


If you forgot your user password and user id during Lic Customer login process, then click on the Online Services at the left  side of the home page. After clicking on the Customer  Services, then the next page will be opened. In that page, Forgot User Id link is there.




Click that ‘Forgot User Id’. Then it will direct to the ‘Forgot User id Help’ page as shown below




In that fill all the details.

Enter the user id

Date of birth



Finally click the Submit. Button

Lic of India to send the pass word email id

You have to give the correct information to retrieve your Password.

In this way, you can retrieve the password if you forgot your ‘Password’ during Lic India Login process.

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