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Lic of India Policy Status through SMS

Lic of india introduced SMS services for policyholders. Lic policy status just by sending a  message using your cell phone. Thic Policy Status very useful for the people policy status easily by sending sms this is a fee sms information will be helpful to all policy holders to get policy details  for more details,official website

Every person use Mobile phone the popularity of using Sms .How many of you know about these LIC SMS Services ? so for those people, this sms service step by step checking the lic policy status by sms. Kindly make use of this sms Service and get your policy details. chck your Policy Status online by registering your policy No. and premium details and login page. Follow this process forgetting the password or username and retrieve the using online services and taking process. This sms method is simple method sms status by sms .

About enquire policy holder

LIC  Individual Policy

Policy Loan, Bonus, Revival, Status, Nominee.

Check LIC Policy Status by SMS

LIC Policy Status through SMS


To know the amount of loan available ASKLIC LOAN
For Installment premium ASKLIC PREMIUM
For revival amount ASKLIC REVIVAL
To know bonus additions ASKLIC BONUS
For nomination details ASKLIC NOM

Policyholder can get individual policy enquiry through sms as following


Type ASKLIC  <POLICY NO>   Loan/Bonus/Revival/Premium/Nominee

and send  to 9222492224.


If you want to know the amount available as Loan (Loan), then type ASKLIC 9000000000 LOAN.

To know the Amount of Bonus vested (Bonus), type ASKLIC 9000000000 BONUS.

If policy lapses, Revival amount payable (Revival), then type ASKLIC 9000000000 REVIVAL.

To Check Installment premium under policy (Premium), type ASKLIC 9000000000 PREMIUM.

To get the details of Nomination (NOM), type ASKLIC 9000000000 NOM.

After typing the appropriate code, send Message to 9222492224.

To get LIC Pension policy enquiry through SMS

Type (LICPension [STAT /ECDUE/ANNPD/PDTHRU/AMOUNT/CHQRET]) and send it to 9222492224.

If you want to know the IPP Policy Status (STAT), then type LICPENSION 9000000000 STAT.

For Existence Certificate Due (ECDUE), type LICPENSION 9000000000 ECDUE.

To check the Last Annuity Released Date (ANNPD), type LICPENSION  9000000000  ANNPD.

For Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU), type LICPENSION  9000000000  PDTHRU.

To know the Annuity Amount (AMOUNT), type LICPENSION  9000000000  AMOUNT.

To get the Cheque Return Information (CHQRET), type LICPENSION  9000000000 CHQRET

Enter any of the codes and Send Message to 9222492224.

SMS LICHELP <> to 9222492224 or SMS LICHELP <> to 56767877.


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  1. I want my policy loan Amount my phone how .

    1. If you want check loan amount
      using phone
      Type ASKLIC Policy number
      LOAN in you mobile and send sms
      to 9222492224.

  2. Thomaskutty samuel

    I vested my policy no 779172254 on 7th July for monthly anuity of rs 1637 with out knowing that pradanmantri vayo yojana under senior citizen gives rs 2058 per month.I contacted your local branch in alleppey Kerala state to revert to this.they said no and it is their duty to inform the customer abt this yojana any way to change and I have no member to support me.

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